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Monday, October 7th, 2013

What are the secrets and the details of “Neapolitan Tailoring”? In this video I introduces all the single details of a Neapolitan Tailored Jacket. Details as “Tasca a Piganata”, “Doppia Impuntura” and over lapping buttons.

We thanks “Elegans”, a program of “Stile Italia Tv”, realized by Danilo della Mura, produced by “Stile Italia Tv” and “Leisury Tv”

Enjoy it !


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One Response to “The Neapolitan Jacket, La giacca Napoletana !”

  1. Patricius

    Great video Luca and very interesting, I learned some new things!

    One question though: In the last part, what do you mean by “the buttonhole is made upside down”?

    Grazie and keep up the good work!

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