Casa Rubinacci


Here’s the Rubinacci Luxury selection of GIFT to let you find the perfect present you're looking for, in every occasion and for the most charming and stylish person.

Ashtray Pulcinella
€ 280.00
Ceramic ashtray showing in the middle, a Pulcinella sitting on a turtle. Both are symbols of good lu..
€ 1,350.00
This destructured blue blazer is the icon of Neapolitan tailoring, born from the idea of a super lig..
Blue Monkeys Swimsuit
€ 170.00
Blue Monkeys Swim shorts, made from satin-finish shell, fitted with a flexible drawstring waistband ..
Marphy Black Deer
€ 390.00
Deerskin moccasins. Our Marphy loafers collection started in 2005, from the idea of the young Luca ..
Pant Manny Beige
€ 360.00
Our Manny trousers, better known as Gurkha pants, have been a must into British colonial men’s..
Pocket Square Arcimboldo Blue Navy
€ 95.00
Arcimboldo was a sixteenth century Italian painter who was well-known for his fanciful, and sometime..
Pyjamas Miid Blue
€ 480.00
Pyjamas Miid Blue. 100% Linen ..
Rubinacci and the story of Neapolitan Tailoring
€ 100.00
Written from the famous journalist of Financial Times “Nick Foulkes “Rubinacci and the s..
Rubinacci dvd 54 Hours
€ 35.00
" 54 Hours of Rubinacci" is a documentary film that shows in any detail the time taken for..
Scarf Acquafrescaio Petroleum Blue
€ 590.00
Pashmina is a thin wool scarf that has become more and more used in the last decade, thanks to its l..
Scarf Macchina della Cuccagna  Bordeaux
€ 380.00
In our Italian culture, in the festivals of our country in which it is survivor, the ‘greacy p..
Striped Fabric White Boxer
€ 120.00
Striped Fabric White Boxer. 50% Cotton 50% Linen ..
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