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Here’s the Rubinacci Luxury selection of GIFT to let you find the perfect present you're looking for, in every occasion and for the most charming and stylish person.

Pocket Square Arcimboldo Violet
€ 95.00
Arcimboldo was a sixteenth century Italian painter who was well-known for his fanciful, and sometime..
Pyjamas Navy blue
€ 980.00
Coco Chanel once said that luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. Our men's sil..
Red and Blue Suspenders
€ 145.00
Suspenders are a great accessory, knowing how to choose and wear the right way will make you feel co..
Red Plaid Suspenders
€ 180.00
Suspenders are a great accessory, knowing how to choose and wear the right way will make you feel co..
Scarf Real Sito di Capodimonte kaki
€ 380.00
It represents the Capodimonte Royal Palace. In the foulard scene , on the left, the Tiziano “D..
Scarf Wool and Silk Navy Blue
€ 195.00
Scarf Wool and Silk Navy Blue Measurements: 70 x 170 Cm 65%Silk 35%Wool ..
Shirt Bleach
€ 260.00
100% Washed cotton shirt with neck, shoulder, armholes, mouche hand sewn, joist and hand embroidered..
Short Manny Light Blue
€ 280.00
Our Manny trousers, better known as Gurkha pants, have been a must into British colonial men’s..
€ 1,000.00
A pure silk dressing gown is designed for total wellbeing. Nothing is more elegant and comfortable t..
Cummerbund Galle-Faille
€ 250.00
The smoking band is the indispensable accessory for the formal look of great occasions. For a classi..
Stole Albero della Cuccagna Blue Navy
€ 380.00
Stole: 85% Modal 15% Silk print. Dimensions: 140x190 Cm. ..
€ 1,200.00
Keep your suits pressed and ready through the length of your business trips with a Rubinacci lea..
Jeans Blue
€ 430.00
Inspired to the american denim models, italian cotton, customized copper buttons, handcrafted button..
Monkeys Beach Set
€ 330.00
Blue Monkeys Swim shorts, made from satin-finish shell, fitted with a flexible drawstring waistband ..
€ 180.00
Unlike women, men can not carry a bag around to always have at hand the documents, cash or other car..
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