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Pocket Square Real Sito di Capodimonte Lilac

Pocket Square Real Sito di Capodimonte Lilac

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One of the mastepieces by Carlo Di Borbone: Royal Palace of Capodimonte.
The King chose the vast forest as the site for the future Capodimonte Palace, from where one can admire the breathtaking view of the gulf and the city; between Vesuvius, the hill of San Martino, and Posillipo.
From the beginning the King intended for the palace to serve as both a Royal residence and a celebrated Museum, much like the Pitti Palace in Florence.
In the handkerchief scene, on the left, is Tiziano's "Danae", a pride of the Capodimonte Museum; on the right is a Carracci dame from the painting "Hercules at the crossroads". Both works of art are included in the Farnese collection at Capodimonte Museum.

Printed silk with hand stitched hem.
Size: 43x43 cm
100% Silk Twill