Casa Rubinacci
The Icon

Style of the Italian Man – Outfit for every occasion

Here we suggest a style that can suit every occasion: the iconic outfit Rubinacci is perfect to catch the attention on the man who wears it. The style of this outfit is the style of the Italian Man, known for the strong personality, elegance and attention to details.

Pocket Square Real Sito di Capodimonte  Navy Blue
€ 95.00
One of the mastepieces by Carlo Di Borbone: Royal Palace of Capodimonte. The King chose the vast fo..
Shirt D.P.Stone
€ 260.00
100% Washed cotton shirt with neck, shoulder, armholes, mouche hand sewn, joist and hand embroidered..
€ 1,680.00
This destructured blazer in cashmere brown pied de poule , is the icon of Neapolitan tailoring, born..
Pant Manny Flannel Brown
€ 380.00
Our Manny Trousers, better known as Gurkha pants, have been a must into the British colonial men&rsq..
Marphy Velour Ebony
€ 390.00
Velour Ebony moccasins. Our Marphy loafers collection started in 2005, from the idea of the young L..
€ 170.00
For three generations the Rubinacci Family has produced exclusive hand made ties, hand rolled at the..
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