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Bracelet  AMOR BLUE

Bracelet AMOR BLUE

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The design is inspired by an antique Nuptial Casket, manufactured in Naples in the IV Century, from the Angevin period.

It has been realized with a sequence of words that play around the matrix “amor”.

The wording Amor-Amorf-Anort, when the Italian language at his starts, was defining new idioms into the fascinating Neapolitan “volgare”-

Inscribed on top of the Casket, with the Mermaids playing the Mandolin, allude to the conception of “Love” that emphasized nobility and chivalry and was known as “Amor Cortese” – Courtly Love.

Racemes, birds of various nature, mammal, Mermaids who play different musical instruments complete the design.

The full design has been edited on scarves, pashminas, pocket handkerchiefs, ashtray..