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Scarf  Amor Blue

Scarf Amor Blue

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The design is inspired by an antique Nuptial Casket, manufactured in Naples in the IV Century, from the Angevin period.

It has been realized with a sequence of words that play around the matrix “amor”.

The wording Amor-Amorf-Anort, when the Italian language at his starts, was defining new idioms into the fascinating Neapolitan “volgare”-

Inscribed on top of the Casket, with the Mermaids playing the Mandolin, allude to the conception of “Love” that emphasized nobility and chivalry and was known as “Amor Cortese” – Courtly Love.

Racemes, birds of various nature, mammal, Mermaids who play different musical instruments complete the design.

The full design has been edited on scarves, pashminas, pocket handkerchiefs, ashtray..

Printed silk with hand stitched hem.

Size: 90x90 cm
100% Silk Twill