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Pocket Square Acquafrescaio Blue

Pocket Square Acquafrescaio Blue

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From a print of the 13th century .. one of the most ancient Neapolitan crafts, In a city where everything is color, music, vitality, even a trade like ACQUAFRESCAIO, more commonly known as ACQUAIOLO turns into a show.
This curious character who usually wandered around with a cart and "gave voice in the streets of Naples", sold "water of various kinds" that was kept in terracotta amphorae called "mummare", which kept it fresh for a long time.
At the call of the pail, women often looked out of the windows and lowered the basket with a few coins and a "flask to fill with the desired water".

A trade that still survives in the city 'neapolitan "the seller of fresh water" .. in Via Chiaia, in the background the entrance portal to the courtyard of Palazzo Cellamare,Neapolitan headquarters of Rubinacci.

100% Silk, hand-edged.