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The Mendoza Code, also known as the Mendocino Code, is an Aztec codex, created in 1540, some twenty years after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Compiled in the traditional pictograms by Aztec scribes, it contained a series of valuable information on the life of the Aztec empire, such as the list of rulers, the tributes paid by subjugated peoples and a description of the daily life of Mesoamerican cultures.

It was commissioned by Antonio de Mendoza, from which it takes its name, first viceroy of New Spain from 1535 to 1550, who would have commissioned it to donate it to Charles V, with the aim of providing the ruler with a series of reliable information on the state in which the nascent New Spain was located.

It seems that the manuscript was written in a hurry before it was sent to Spain and the certain date of its composition is still a matter of debate today.

Since 1659 it has been kept at the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford.

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