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Pocket Square La Macchina della Cuccagna blue

Pocket Square La Macchina della Cuccagna blue

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Naples's theater festivals, sacred celebrations, outdoor installations and ephemera of all kinds, have always enlivened the lives of citizens; from the richest to the poorest, while also leaving an indelible mark on all forms of art, from painting to architecture.
The prominent place where these events took place was the Royal Palace because of the ample space in front of the facade, then called Largo di Palazzo.
Among these boisterous celebrations there was one that stood out among the rest: the Carnival for the Rite of Cockaigne. During this lively celebration, the disadvantaged social class was granted temporary relief from their everyday drudgery. The celebration ended with the pillaging of a machine that was loaded with great things!
The representation of the machine is based on a drawing by Cristoforo Russo. This particular machine was erected in 1740 during the birth of Royal Infanta, and is framed by Mount Vesuvius and the coats of arms of the five families that ruled Naples.

Printed silk with hand stitched hem.
Size: 43x43 cm
100% Silk Twill